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Root Canal

Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)

Endoodontics is a combination the Greek words "Endo," which means "inside" and "odont," which means "tooth." Endodontic treatment involves treating the inside of the tooth. The other terminology for endodontic treatment is root canal therapy, or more commonly, just root canal. This name comes from the fact that the treatment is to the root part of the tooth.

However, root canal therapy is most likely the most misunderstood and maligned of all dental treatments.  It has been the butt of many comedians' jokes, and even provoked fear and horror in such movies as "Marathon Man."



What is the Truth about Root Canals?

  • Root Canals do not hurt - you are numb during the procedure.
  • Root Canals relieve pain - many people who need root canals are in pain - treatment gets rid of the pain.
  • Root Canals do not take out the roots of your teeth - root canals remove the infected contents of the roots.
  • Root Canals allow people to keep teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted.

When do you need a Root Canal?

  • Decay has become so deep that it is into the nerve (pulp) of the tooth.
  • The pulp has been damaged beyond it's healing capabilities, and it is hurting and dying.
  • The pulp is dead, causing pain, inflammation and/or swelling.
  • The tooth is abscessed.

If you have a toothache here in the Douglasville area, give us a call.  Root Canal Therapy will take the pain away.

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